Over the past couple of weeks, we have been speaking with officials within the counties that make up Metro Atlanta to learn about the struggles that they are experiencing, the debt they are accumulating, and trying to find solutions to help eliminate school lunch debt in our state schools. Most counties only allow elementary school students to go into debt a minimal amount before the student must receive an alternate meal. Some schools provide the child with a single entree as the meal and others will provide peanut butter or cheese sandwiches. Our goal is to wipe out this debt that has already been incurred and work with our communities to sent up school donors to ensure that every child is able to receive lunch, regardless of the financial situation of their parents. 

Children as young as 5 years old are being turned away from receiving school lunch because their families cannot pay. For some of these kids, this may be the only meal they receive that day.

 JOIN US to reach our goal and eliminate school lunch debt throughout all of the elementary schools in Gwinnett County!!!

100% of your donation will go towards paying off school lunch debt!